Cognitive & Achievement Testing

Cognitive & Achievement Testing

Cognitive Testing
Are looking to see if your child will qualify for a Gifted and Talented program? Does your child’s academic performance not seem to add up to his/her intelligence level? Then you should have your child tested for cognitive capacity.

Cognitive testing is a process of engaging in activities with a child that provides a broad sampling of his or her thinking abilities. Intelligence is a much larger concept then what can be assessed and documented through intelligence tests only. While a person might score poorly on any intelligence test, there may be many other skills in which he/she may be competent. With that said, it is known that people who score well on intelligence tests tend to perform well in school settings. This correlation is one of the reasons why intelligence testing is so popular. IQ testing can also help identify gifted children and their areas of strength.

Baby Steps Therapy offers a wide range of assessment tools to assess your child’s academic potential or Intelligence Testing for preschool through college age students. Cognitive assessments may include administration of traditional standardized IQ tests (WPPSI-III, WISC-IV, Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities—Third Edition) or standardized nonverbal or alternative tests (UNIT, TONI-3, WRAML2) when appropriate.

Academic Achievement Testing
If you have questions concerning why your child is not performing as well as they should in school Baby Steps Therapy offers achievement testing. In these tests we will assess your child’s current academic levels using standardized measures to provide valuable information regarding your child’s current levels of academic functioning. Academic assessments may include comprehensive academic batteries which assess a child’s reading levels (decoding and comprehension), math skills (calculation and reasoning), written language (spelling and written expression), and oral language (oral expression and listening comprehension). A more comprehensive test of academic achievement may be administered, such as the WJ-III Test of Achievement (WJ-III), the Wechsler Individualized Achievement Test (WIAT-III), as well as a more subject-specific test of achievement, such as the Gray Oral Reading Test—Fourth Edition (GORT-4).

Our Licensed Educational Psychologists will provide you with a comprehensive report which will cover test scores and interpretation, as well as provide you with recommendations regarding how best to proceed, so that your child can reach his/her optimum learning potential.

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