With Tara Delaney, MS OTR, Child Development Expert and Author

The Making Sense-ory® seminar series explores the powerful connection between sensory processing and topics such as autism, behavior, and learning. Created and led by respected child development expert, Tara Delaney, each seminar delivers innovative, groundbreaking strategies that provide the necessary framework for helping children and adults reach their highest potential.

The most popular and requested topics include:

Making Sense-ory of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Discover the underlying impact of sensory processing difficulties for children/adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and learn ways to use sensory strategies to aid individuals with ASD towards increased academic and social success.

Making Sense-ory of Behavior
Learn about the link between sensory processing and behavior. Discover the tools that can help you differentiate behaviors that have a sensory component from those that are learned. Find out how to create simple behavior support plans and how to implement strategies—both in the classroom and at home—that enable children to overcome roadblocks to success.

Making Sense-ory of Learning
Discover how sensory processing impacts the learning process and how to use sensory strategies to aide children academically. Learn the subtle variances between the ways male vs. female-differentiated brains process information. Gain insight into how the left and right brain contribute to how children learn. Having a basic understanding of brain development and “brain differences” will aide in helping children in the classroom and at home.

Making Sense-ory of Social Intelligence
Discover how sensory processing and communication set the stage for social intelligence. Recognize the early signs of children who struggle with these issues. Gain knowledge of how to use sensory strategies to aid children for increased success academically and socially, as well as ways to promote the development of social intelligence.

Other Making Sense-ory seminars include:
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bonding, Classroom Strategies, Handwriting, International Adoption, Language, and Play.

Available in half day, full day, or two-day formats
Seminars are geared toward groups of 30 to 100 attendees, including professionals working in private practice or school settings, as well as parents and other caregivers.

All Seminars are approved for Continuing Education Credits
• Teachers • Administrators • Counselors • Social Workers • Family Therapists • Psychologists
• Speech-Language Pathologists • Occupational Therapists • Physical Therapists
• Other Behavioral Health and Medical Professionals
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