Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does an evaluation take?
We set aside a varying amount of a therapist’s time for an evaluation. Depending on your child’s ability to participate, the diagnosis and testing required, an additional appointment may be necessary. Your paperwork must be received by the office at least 3 days prior to your evaluation appointment for review. This allows the therapist to review your child’s history and determine what type of testing and or assessments to use. You will need to provide your insurance card and prescription for therapy services PRIOR to your appointment. Your co-pay or payment toward your deductible will be collected if you have insurance. Psychological evaluations will require a greater amount of time and will vary in length depending upon the area of suspected concern.
How will the evaluation be structured?
The therapist will review your child’s history information with you and discuss your concerns. Based on that information, any necessary testing will be administered. The therapist will then review the results of the test(s), discuss areas of delay or impairment, and make recommendations regarding therapy. If therapy is recommended, we typically are able to schedule the therapy sessions that day. If insurance authorization is required for treatment, paperwork will be submitted and you will be notified once approval is received.
What if I have to cancel my child’s evaluation?
Since Baby Steps Therapy reserves 1 hour of time for the evaluation, we require at least 48 hours of notice if you have to cancel/reschedule an evaluation. If you do not cancel/reschedule more than 48 hours in advance or do not show up for your appointment, we will charge your credit card on file $150.00.
What if I have to cancel a typical therapy appointment?
As soon as you know you need to cancel an appointment, please let us know. Baby Steps Therapy cancellation policy requires a minimum of 48 business hours of notice prior to your appointment. Our policy is as follows:

Baby Steps Therapy’s mission is to improve the quality of life for as many children as we can. Weekly treatment (if clinically recommended) is necessary to make a real difference for your child. We enforce a strict attendance policy for that reason. We expect that you are as committed to your child’s therapy as we are. If you do not maintain consistent attendance, we reserve the right to dismiss your child from therapy.

If you cancel your appointment with late notice, (less than 48 business hours), regardless of reason, you will be charged a $50 fee per session per occurrence for any non-rescheduled appointment. This fee must be paid at the time of cancellation. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled session for any reason, you will be subject to the cancellation charge.

We understand that unforeseen events may impact your child’s ability to attend their scheduled session. All families have one free late cancellation per calendar year.

***If you do not consistently complete 80% of your child’s scheduled, reserved appointment, your slot will be forfeited. Research has shown that consistent, ongoing parent participation improves the outcomes of therapy. We expect parents to be involved and to commit to a minimum 6-month time period of weekly therapy.

No shows/no calls impact our ability as a not-for-profit clinic to remain viable and provide services. We reserve a weekly time slot for your child’s therapy; slots that go unused are not billable and we are not able to rebook appointments without at least 48 business hours’ notice.
What happens if I am late for an appointment?
The child receiving the therapy will get an abbreviated session. We reserve the right to charge a late fee for lateness (especially chronic lateness).
Is it important for me, as a parent, to be present during therapy sessions?
We encourage participation by family members and other caregivers for several reasons. Collaboration is essential for exchange of ideas, thoughts and concerns. It also allows us to discuss how we are addressing your concerns and develop ideas on how you can integrate therapeutic suggestions into activities that occur on a daily basis. The benefits of therapy are most effective through a partnership with each family where we develop individualized therapy strategies to fit each child and their daily routines. Through this partnership and reinforcement by the family, the children derive the most benefit from therapy.
What if another facility evaluated my child but I want to bring my child to Baby Steps Therapy for therapy?
If your child’s evaluation occurred within the last three months and did not occur through the school district, we will accept the evaluation only if there is a plan of care (goals) attached. You may fax us a copy of the evaluation and plan of care. Our therapists will review it to determine if it is a plan of care they can work from. If it is determined that the report and plan of care are acceptable, we will contact you to discuss scheduling options. We will not promise or hold any appointments during this review time. We will only discuss scheduling after our therapists have had an opportunity to review the documentation. If our therapist(s) determine that there is not enough information given in the report and plan of care, we will contact you to schedule a new evaluation. Unfortunately, we cannot accept an evaluation from your child’s school due to the differences between a clinical evaluation and an educational evaluation.
How long is a typical therapy session?
Therapy sessions vary in length depending on Speech, PT, or OT treatment and are either 25 or 50 minutes in length. The last 5-10 minutes of the session will be used to discuss your child’s therapy session and review any home activities the therapist recommends. Please keep in mind our therapists have very busy schedules and be respectful their time by closing your discussions by the end of the session. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss your child further, please email the therapist. If you feel you need a significant amount of time to take to your child’s therapist, you may schedule a consult appointment with your therapist. The charge for this appointment is $75.00/30 minutes. This fee is due from you at the time of the appointment and will not be billed to insurance. It is also subject to our cancellation policy.
Can I be present during the therapy sessions?
Yes, however, if your child consistently refers to you for assistance or has difficulty participating, the therapist may ask you to wait in the waiting room. Baby Steps Therapy also has two observation rooms where you may view your child’s therapy session through a one-way mirror. Please make arrangements to use the observation room in advance by scheduling through the front office.
Can I be present for the evaluation?
We require you to initially accompany your child to the therapy area so the evaluating therapist may discuss your concerns and your child’s history information. There are occasions when a child does not perform well with a parent present. If this occurs, the therapist may ask you to wait in the waiting room for the remainder of the evaluation.
Can I bring my child’s siblings to an evaluation and/or treatment?
It is best to make childcare arrangements for siblings. The therapist will want to spend time discussing your child’s history with you and may have additional questions. Other children in the room may be a distraction to you, the therapist and/or your child. Furthermore, we cannot allow children of any age to be left alone in the waiting room nor can we allow other children to play on any equipment in the facility.
Can I leave the facility during my child’s evaluation?
No. You must be present during the evaluation to provide information to the therapist and in the event that we need your assistance.
Can I leave the facility during my child’s therapy session?
You may leave but we must have a phone number where we can reach you in case of an emergency. You must return to the clinic at least 15 minutes before the end of the hour.
Can I take pictures or videos of my child in the therapy session?
Baby Steps Therapy does not allow parental audio/video recording or picture taking of any kind with any device. Videos or pictures are occasionally taken by our therapists (with parental consent) for therapy purposes only, and are never shared or posted.